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About this site, and General Disclaimer (updated 7/08/04):

    This site is more or less a holding spot for a few projects, links, ideas, and personal things of mine. If you find any use out of anything, great! If not, well, too bad. In any case, you are not getting a warranty for any information or ideas on it, even implied ones such as fitness for purpose. I make no guarantees of the accuracy, origin, or authenticity of anything you read here. By using or dispersing any information on this site you agree to not hold me, the webmaster, responsible for any damages whatsoever as a result. This site and the content therein are offered 'as is'.

About me, the Webmaster:

    John-Paul Bedinger currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He enjoys designing DIY audio projects, playing chess, and amateur astronomy in his rapidly narrowing free time. Contact: jpbedinger@hotmail.com